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Because sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go in terms of decorations, difficult to find the style that defines us, difficult to put our desires on paper. E-design is a service that allows us to help you remotely.

How it works ?

You must fill out a form which will help us guide our path towards your requests, after having read these and having seen the photos of your house, we will send you a first moodboard. A virtual meeting of around fifteen minutes will be held, during this meeting we will take into consideration your comments on the initial moodboard, in order to adjust it to your taste. The process is done as a team, you and I, so we will be in contact until the end of the project.

A file with all the details of the items inside the mood board will also be given to you to guide you in purchasing. (Please note that this will not only include products from our store.)

Please allow 2 weeks for final receipt of the project.